Learning Resources

For more info contact: [email protected] - Photo: George Padmore Supplementary School c.1970. Courtesy of George Padmore Institute

Hugh's Story:

Hugh is a poet who grew up in Hackney during the 1970s at the height of the SUS era. Learn about his experiences and how he became a writer. Curriculum links: PSHE, Citizenship, Politics, English, Creative Writing

Goga's Story:

In 1982 Goga Khan was one of the Newham 8, a group of young Asians whose case upheld the right of self defense and highlighted racism in the police force. Learn about his case and how others organised to defend him. Curriculum links: PSHE, Citizenship, Politics, Law

Martha's Story:

Martha Osamor is a Nigerian-British politician, community activist and civil rights campaigner. Martha was one of the founders of the Scrap SUS campaign and the United Black Women Action Group in Tottenham who later became part of the Organisation of Women of Asian and African Descent(OWAAD). Learn about her work as an activist and politician. Curriculum links: PSHE, Citizenship, Politics

Richard's Story:

Panel member of the 1997/99 Home Office inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, Richard also served as a Cabinet Advisor to the Mayor of London and as President of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality. Learn about how Richard became an activist through his experiences of police brutality and poor housing conditions affecting his patients in Notting Hill in the 1970s. Curriculum links: PSHE, Citizenship, Politics, Law